StartseiteContract Labour Act Agreement Draft

one. If the company terminates it, with or without justification, by giving the holder a period of fifteen days in writing from the date indicated in the termination. d. If the contract becomes illegal under a law. It is necessary that working people are in good physical and mental health to support the work assigned to them. The company could ask the contractor to provide, if necessary, medical certificates for each employee. The age of the staff is also necessary. Ideally, it should be mentioned in such a way that it is only twenty-one years old and no more than fifty-five years old. The agreement between the contractor and the main employer can be downloaded free of charge and modified to meet the conditional and urgent requirements of the contractor`s format. If a worker is injured or lost through negligence or for non-compliance with the safety measures imposed on him, the undertaking is not obliged to compensate the worker or contractor. for this purpose, the contract mentions safety coaching, precautions and security measures. It is very important to establish the contractor to ensure that the desired sector of labour is present during the working hours mentioned in the contract.

The contractor should even be created to take care of an adequate number of workers in reserve in order to fill the gaps in case of absence. 5. It is not the duty or responsibility of the contractor to supervise the work of the workers it provides, but the undertaking, through its representatives, shall carry out such work and the workers shall respect and carry out the instructions given by it. It is stated that the contract cannot be assigned by the contractor to third parties without the written agreement of the company being made and it being complied with in accordance with the conditions 29 set by the company. This agreement is also governed by the provisions of the Dock Workers (Safety, Health and Welfare) Act 1986 and the rules applicable therein. The enterprise, as the main employer, the contractor as a worker and the workers it employs are bound by the provisions of the law and the rules. With each new batch of employees made available by the contractor, the contractor must provide the company with a list of the employee`s address and various details. This can be positive in confirming the responsibility of part of the contractor and ensuring that people of unwanted origin do not appear to be employed. e. When the authorities revoke the licence of the contractor concerned.

However, when an accident occurs despite compliance with the safety measures imposed by the worker, any injury or loss of life shall be caused to the worker in such a way that he is paid for by the company in accordance with the labour legislation in force. . . .