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In the following example, United Airlines is the “Marketing” airline in the codeshare agreement between United and Delta Air Lines. Delta is the “operational” airline that effectively flies the aircraft, transports passengers and supplies pilots and cabin crew. If you know that your flight is a codeshare flight, you should find out as soon as possible who the exporting airline is. If you fly in business or first class, you will undoubtedly find a different product than what you booked at the beginning. At the end of the day, airlines have codeshare agreements for 3 reasons: so a codeshare agreement refers to a situation in which one airline shares its code with another. More simply, this means that if United Airlines shares its UA code with Emirates, such an agreement is called codeshare. The flight is actually operated by Emirates. However, for marketing and distribution purposes, theft is approached with the UA prefix. American Airlines operates AA125, but Cathay Pacific also participates in this codeshare with flight number “CX7681”. Cathay Pacific`s American routes use all flight numbers in the 800s (the number 8 is considered promising in Chinese culture), which is very different from the 4-digit codeshare format. Codeshare flights have generally focused on scheduling and common aircraft sharing. Since airlines typically rely on other partners to transport passengers to distant destinations they don`t head to, codeshare agreements serve as a logistical blessing.

Bottom Line: Using ExpertFlyer is the easiest way to confirm whether or not an airline has an interline agreement with another airline. Codeshare flights with the same ticket protect consumers when it comes to baggage management, ground services and more. From a comfort perspective, line spacing and codeshare agreements are great assets for travelers. This flight is identified as an American Airlines flight “AA125”. What you will see is that long-haul flights are very rarely marked with 4 numbers. This is typically 1 or 2 numbers or 3 at most. If you find the format “XX1234” on an international flight, you are most likely on a codeshare flight. Interline flights are often misunderstood as codeshare flights.

Interline agreements concern passenger-level services, such as. B check-in of baggage to the final place of destination or check-in agreements. It`s the same story for those with elite status. If you have United 1K Elite status and book a codeshare ticket on ANA marketed by United Airlines, your flight will continue to be operated by ANA. This means that you are not allowed to get upgrades, even if you have the highest level United Elite status. But don`t worry. In this guide, we talk about code sharing and interline agreements. First we will describe what exactly it is. Next, we`ll discuss how you can determine whether or not you`re using code sharing. Finally, we show you why you should be interested in code sharing.

Start. In the example below, the codeshare agreement between British Airways and American Airlines between London-Heathrow and Johannesburg is the exporting airline. You are the airline that actually flies the planes, provides cabin crew and transports passengers to South Africa. American Airlines is the sales company that sells tickets to American Airlines customers to go to South Africa. In 1967, Richard A. Henson partnered with US Airways` predecessor, Allegheny Airlines, in the nation`s first codeshare relationship. [2] The term “codeshare” or “codeshare” was coined by Qantas and American Airlines in 1989,[3] and in 1990, both companies offered their first codeshare flights between a number of Australian cities and US national cities. Code-sharing has since become widespread in the aviation industry, including through the creation of large airline alliances. These alliances have extensive codeshare and network loyalty programs….